Nata Vestnorden

Rock climbing in the Faroe Islands
Íris and Árni, who live in Iceland and are the owners of Tindaborg, applied for a grant from NATA because they were curious to learn more about tourism and rock climbing in the Faroe Islands and Greenland, they also wanted see if they could create a connection between people in the industry in these very […]
Faroese table tennis players in Reykjavík
In May 2022, seven young Faroese table tennis players participated in a joint Faroese-Icelandic training camp in Iceland. This is an annual training camp with changing hosts – every other year in Tórshavn, and every other year in Reykjavík. Faroese and Icelandic players train together A lot is achieved in such a training camp, that […]
Approved grants autumn 2022
The following applications were approved a grant from NATA at the latest application round in September 2022 Tourism Development and Marketing DKK Project name, company and application country Grant Participating countries Development & Launch for off-season cruise products in the Arctic North 100.000 FO-IS Tourism Development and Marketing Travel Support DKK Project name and application […]
A letter from Kór Möðruvallaklausturkirkju
We are always excited to hear from the people that get grants from NATA. Kór Möðruvallaklausturskirkju got a travel grant from NATA and this is what they told us about their trip to the Faroe Islands: In August 2022 Kór Möðruvallaklausturskirkju performed Icelandic and Faroese music in Tórshavn and Klaksvík, both contemporary and old hymns […]
Vestnorden is sold out
The interest for Vestnorden is exceptionally high this year, and in the end of June the Vestnorden team already announced that Vestnorden in Nuuk is sold out for both buyers and exhibitors, and that the participants are coming from a total of 34 countries! On the Vestnorden webpage Anne Niviká Grødem that is the CEO […]
Registration for Vestnorden in Nuuk is open
It’s been five years since Greenland’s capital Nuuk hosted Vestnorden, and we are so excited to welcome both new and old friends to the city on the 19 – 22 September 2022.  We are pleased to announce that this year we are experiencing exceptionally high interest in Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands – so much […]
Similarities and differences between Greenland and Iceland
25 students and 3 teachers, from 10th grade at Atuarfik Hans Lynge school in Nuuk, traveled to Iceland in late March 2022 after two canceled trips, one due to Covid-19 and the other due to bad weather. The purpose of the trip was to strengthen the contact between Greenland and Iceland, by giving the students […]
Apply for a grant from NATA
The application deadline is 5th of September 2022 NATA now invites applications within the two categories: Tourism Development and Marketing Travel Support To apply please fill in and submit one of the two online application formulas which are available in English and Danish. The application deadline is on the 5th of September 2022 at 24:00 […]
Approved grants spring 2022
The following applications were approved a grant from NATA at the latest application round in March 2022 Tourism Development and Marketing DKK   Project name Grant Countries Grønland til EMBLA Nordic Food Awards 75.000 GL-FO-IS Tourism Development and Marketing Rejsestøtte DKK   Project name Grant Countries Uppistand í Reinsarínum 5000 IS-FO Arsborealis-félagsamtök 4000 IS-FO Glaðari […]
Good experience despite Covid-19
Fourteen young people on Team Nanoq from Nuummi Naluttartut Klubbiat – Nuuk Swimming Club, went to Reykjavík in January 2022 where they participated in the Reykjavik International Games and training camp. The trip to Iceland is the highlight of the year for the swimmers. In 2021 the trip was canceled due to Corona and this […]
Faroese Judo on a training camp in Iceland
Faroese Judo was granted support from NATA in the spring of 2021 for a training camp in Iceland that they went on in the autumn holidays same year. The group traveled from the Faroe Islands to Reykjavík on Friday 8 October and back again on Monday 11 October. Included in the trip were 17 young […]
Aulos Flute Ensemble gave concerts, lectures and had debates with grant from NATA
In October 2021, the women in Aulos Flute Ensemble sent NATA a greeting, telling us, that they just got back from a wonderful trip to the Faroe Islands. They played 4 concerts and organized a seminar on female composers in collaboration with the Nordic House and the association of Faroese composers. They specifically mentioned the […]