Nata Vestnorden

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NATA offers grants and travel support for projects that reflect our mission – to promote cooperation in tourism between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Who can apply?

Anyone from the region can apply NATA for funding, from individuals to organisations and companies. We offer grants in two main areas:

Grants for tourism development and marketing

If you have a project of this type, involving collaboration between at least two of the three West Nordic countries, then you can apply NATA for a grant.

We welcome a range of projects, and innovative and crative ideas are encouraged. These might include ideas based on:

The maximum grant we give for this type of projects is DKK 100.000 – this amount must not exceed 50% of the project’s entire funding. The grant is not intended for wages or consultant fees.

Travel support

We always look to promote opportunities for travel and cultural exchange among the three countries. These might include the following:

The maximum we give for travel support is:

The grant is only intended for travel costs – not for accommodation or daily expenses.

Timing and deadlines

There are two deadlines every year for grant applications – usually in February and September – see our News page for dates.

Our online application forms, the Tourism development and marketing form and the Travel Support Form are active throughout the year, except in the weeks after the deadlines, when applications are evaluated.

We let all applicants know by email whether their application has been successful or not, normally within two months after the application deadlines.

Apply now

If you think that you might have an idea for a project or a trip that could benefit from a NATA grant, then find out more about how to apply by reading our Application guide.