Nata Vestnorden


A letter from Kór Möðruvallaklausturkirkju
We are always excited to hear from the people that get grants from NATA. Kór Möðruvallaklausturskirkju got a travel grant from NATA and this is what they told us about their trip to the Faroe Islands: In August 2022 Kór Möðruvallaklausturskirkju performed Icelandic and Faroese music in Tórshavn and Klaksvík, both contemporary and old hymns […]
Registration for Vestnorden in Nuuk is open
It’s been five years since Greenland’s capital Nuuk hosted Vestnorden, and we are so excited to welcome both new and old friends to the city on the 19 – 22 September 2022.  We are pleased to announce that this year we are experiencing exceptionally high interest in Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands – so much […]
Apply for a grant from NATA
The application deadline is 5th of September 2022 NATA now invites applications within the two categories: Tourism Development and Marketing Travel Support To apply please fill in and submit one of the two online application formulas which are available in English and Danish. The application deadline is on the 5th of September 2022 at 24:00 […]
Aulos Flute Ensemble gave concerts, lectures and had debates with grant from NATA
In October 2021, the women in Aulos Flute Ensemble sent NATA a greeting, telling us, that they just got back from a wonderful trip to the Faroe Islands. They played 4 concerts and organized a seminar on female composers in collaboration with the Nordic House and the association of Faroese composers. They specifically mentioned the […]