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Faroese table tennis players in Reykjavík

October 14, 2022
Grants, News
October 14, 2022
Grants, News

In May 2022, seven young Faroese table tennis players participated in a joint Faroese-Icelandic training camp in Iceland. This is an annual training camp with changing hosts – every other year in Tórshavn, and every other year in Reykjavík.

Faroese and Icelandic players train together

A lot is achieved in such a training camp, that lasts over a weekend. The main rule is that a Faroese and an Icelandic player train together every training session, which ensures that the players achieve new and different competition – and also get closer to a person from a brother nation.

Faroese and Icelandic players and coaches gathered outside the traininghall. Foto: Borðtennissamband Føroya

Over the weekend, there will be five training sessions, and a tournament on Sunday afternoon. The tournament usually offers a lot of exciting and entertaining matches, and it is fascinating to see how the players make new friends across the countries.

Socializing and sightseeing

After training in the afternoon, there is time to socialize and to go sightseeing. This year, the Faroese team was, among other things, on the so-called Golden Circle, which offered visits to Gullfoss, Geysir and Tingvellir.

– The participants agreed that it was an absolutely fantastic experience.

Thankful for the funding from NATA

The Faroese table tennis federation is very grateful for the grant from NATA, which provides the opportunity for the continued development of Faroese and Icelandic table tennis for young people, and also developes the cooperation of the two brother nations from players to management.



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