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Faroese Judo on a training camp in Iceland

February 15, 2022
Grants, News
February 15, 2022
Grants, News

Faroese Judo was granted support from NATA in the spring of 2021 for a training camp in Iceland that they went on in the autumn holidays same year.

The group traveled from the Faroe Islands to Reykjavík on Friday 8 October and back again on Monday 11 October.

Included in the trip were 17 young people, 6 girls and 11 boys, aged 11-17 years. Two tour guides from Faroese Judo were also present and some parents who paid for their trip themselves.

The group lodged with the Reykjavík Judo Association, in their training center, where the training also took place.

Coaches from Judofelag Reykjavíkar led the training and many of their members also participated in the training.

Warm-up. Photo: Judo Føroyar

The chairman of Faroese Judo said that the training went well and that the young people learned a lot on the training camp.

The friendship is great between Faroese and Icelandic judo and the Faroese group met great hospitality in Iceland, where the hosts also showed the Faroese youth around in Reykjavík.

All in all, a very good initiative, which is highly recommended, and which the Faroese Judo have plans to repeat soon.