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Approved grants autumn 2022

October 5, 2022
Grants, News
October 5, 2022
Grants, News

The following applications were approved a grant from NATA at the latest application round in September 2022

Tourism Development and MarketingDKK
Project name, company and application countryGrantParticipating countries
Development & Launch for off-season cruise products in the Arctic North100.000FO-IS
Tourism Development and Marketing

Travel SupportDKK
Project name and application countryGrantParticipating countries
Nuuk International Friskole, Greenland48.000GL-IS
Island Panorama Center, Iceland4.000IS-FO
Connecting Nordic Islands through Dance Art, Iceland2.000IS-FO
Útnyrðingur, Faroe Islands18.000FO-IS
Hvirlan, Faroe Islands17.000FO-IS
Vikingedag, Faroe Islands15.000FO-IS
Norðurglóð, Faroe Islands1.000FO-IS
Nordatlantisk Gymnasieklasse, Faroe Islands28.000DK-FO-IS-GL
Nordatlantisk Gymnasieklasse, Iceland30.000DK-FO-IS-GL
Nordatlantisk Gymnasieklasse, Denmark12.000DK-FO-IS-GL
Judo Føroyar, Faroe Islands17.000FO-IS
Eysturskúlin, Faroe Islands49.400FO-GL
Musikkskúlin í Vágum, Faroe Islands49.600FO-IS
Travel Support