• The Region
    The West Nordic region is one of the world’s most inspiring destinations, offering three astonishing countries: Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

    Each country has its own character, culture and history, but they share incredible nature, a warm welcome and an unlimited range of things to see and do.

    The West Nordic region is something special. Situated in the North Atlantic, the area’s geographical remoteness has preserved an authentic world of wonderful cultural traditions and natural phenomena.
    It’s a region full of things to discover.
  • Greenland
    An incredible natural wilderness. Experience extreme conditions, arctic wildlife and adventure in one of the world‘s most dramatic landscapes.
  • Faroe Islands
    A breathtaking world of unspoiled scenery. Discover authentic culture, pure green contours and amazing birdlife in the heart of the North Atlantic.
  • Iceland
    The land of the sagas. Explore history and cutting-edge culture in a magical landscape of geysers, glaciers and lava fields.