Project Matchmaking

As part of NATA‘s mission to promote tourism cooperation within the West Nordic countries, we present a new initiative aimed at connecting tourism entrepreneurs in the region.


Get connected

Our new partner database provides opportunities for people who have exciting tourism development ideas to link up. If you have a project that requires partnership in one or both of the other participating countries, this is the perfect way to find the right people who can help you make it happen.


How does it work?

Email us with your project idea, your contact details and the kind of partner or partners you are looking for. We‘ll add you to the partner database, and then anyone who is interested in taking part can read about your idea and get in touch.

You can choose to make your contact details public, or we can keep them private and forward any requests on to you.

You can also search the database yourself for anyone who might be useful to your project.


How to register

To register on the database simply email with the following information:

  • The name of the project
  • The project idea: a short description of up to 30 words
  • Partner ideas: what kind of collaborators you are looking for and which of the three countries your project would involve
  • Timeframe: the time period for the project, particularly if it has a seasonal element
  • The country and city in which you are based
  • Your contact details – let us know if you are happy to have these made public, or if you would prefer for people to contact you via NATA


What happens next

Once you‘re registered, it‘s just a question of waiting for potential partners to get in touch. If you‘ve opted to keep your details public then anyone who is interested can contact you directly. Otherwise, they‘ll email us and we‘ll forward their request on to you.

Find Project Partner


Apply for a grant

Once you are in contact, you can apply for a NATA grant which can help make your project idea a reality.

Find out how to apply for a NATA grant.