Application Guide

This short guide explains how to apply for a NATA grant. Anyone from the region can apply, and you can find out more about the kind of grants we offer on our NATA Grants page.

How to apply

Submitting an application

You can apply for a NATA grant using our online forms.

The information you will need to complete the forms includes: a brief description of the project, the timescale of the project, and contact and budget details.

There are separate forms for the two types of grants we offer. They are:

The forms also allow you to attach any additional information that may be relevant to your application.



There are two application deadlines a year – usually in February and September. Follow NATA News for dates.

Our online forms are active all the year round (except for in the weeks following deadlines, when current applications are evaluated).


What happens next?

Twice a year, following the two application deadlines, the NATA board will evaluate current applications. They will decide which projects will receive funding, and how much will be given.

Shortly after this, applicants will be informed by email whether their application has been successful or not.


Successful applications

Successful applicants will be notified by email. If you have been granted a tourism development and marketing grant, then you will receive a management contract for the grant with this email. You will also receive any further conditions relating to the grant.

If any changes occur to your project after you have been accepted for a grant, you should notify NATA by email as soon as possible.


Once your project or trip has taken place

  • Tourism development and marketing grants: After the completion of your project you will need to email NATA a short project report, accounts, documentation of your expenses, and your bank details.
  • Travel grants: You will need to email NATA documentation of the travel costs relating to your trip, and your bank details.


Receiving your grant

Grant money will be paid into your account via internet banking.

Fill in an application for a tourism development and marketing grant

Fill in an application for travel support