Report on the German Holiday Market 2016

NATA has commissioned the Institute for Tourism Research in Northern Europe (NIT) to conduct a market research study on the “Positioning and Potential of Greenland, Iceland and Faroe Islands on the German Holiday Market 2016”.

Report can be downloaded here.

Summary can be downloaded  here.

German Reiseanalyse 2012

NATA commissioned this report in 2012 on behalf of the Faroese, Greenlandic and Icelandic tourist boards to find out about the position and potentials of the three North Atlantic holiday destinations Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland on the German holiday travel market. The central aim is to get a thorough and complete picture on the volume, the structure, the attitudes and developments of the market potential in Germany, in order to provide a sound basis for the future strategic planning of the three destinations concerning their marketing efforts, product development and communication on this market.

Report can be downloaded here.

Summary can be downloaded  here .